J’s Birthday

J’s birthday is coming up next month, and it’s a bit of a big one.  He’s turning 35 this year, and I know it has him a bit down, as he feels like he’s getting older and things are falling apart (“they” always say wait until you’re 40, then it really goes downhill with your body, but I think J might be feeling it early).  So, I’d like to plan something fun for him, that will take his mind off the everyday stress, like work.  I know he enjoys outdoors things, and loves water parks, so I was trying to find something that would keep him entertained and busy, while still being fun and pseudo-relaxing.

Then, it came to me…we’re always talking about how a trip to Cincinnati (only a few hours away) would be a nice short weekend trip.  So, I booked it!  We’ll be taking Friday off work, and driving straight to King’s Island.  After a day spent riding the roller coasters and going to the water park, we’ll go back to Cincinnati and spend the night in a hotel.  Saturday morning we’ll wake up, then drive to Kentucky to see the Newport Aquarium and have lunch at the Hofbrauhaus (delicious German food!).  Saturday night we’ll stay in the city again, then Sunday we’ll explore Cincinnati a bit before driving home!  Maybe even a side trip to IKEA or Jungle Jim’s, if we want.

I hope he likes it…it’ll be hard keeping it a secret, but I think a surprise will do him some good!  Less than a month away, and I’m excited!

Much love,