Long Time with No Posts…

I realized this morning, as I was washing my hair (seriously, some of my best laid plans are hatched while I’m washing my hair…there’s something so soothing about the hot water, the smell of the shampoo, the peaceful quiet of the morning where anything is possible…but I digress) that it had been quite some time since I had posted on my blog.  I had told myself at the beginning of the year, that I would try harder to not neglect my blog…that I’d post at least once a week, even if it was just a mindless dump of the random happenstances in life.  Sure enough…didn’t happen…obviously.  Which is why I’m now apologizing (somewhat verbosely) to all you readers for my slacking.

Let’s see…what’s been going on?  Not a whole lot, to be honest.  We’ve been keeping ourselves busy throughout the adoption wait, even though it feels like it’s been forever.  It’s been nearly 3 months since we went “live” with our agency, and nothing so far.  I thought I’d be ok with the wait once the home study was signed off on, because everything would be out of my hands.  Wow…was I wrong.  This wait is HARD.  Some days I don’t think about it a lot, other days it’s all that is on my mind.  But, overall, it’s moving along!

The house is coming together, somewhat slowly, but surely.  We’re working on the basement…the pool table room is finally painted (first time it’s been all one color in over 2 years), and we’re ordering the ceiling shortly.  Thankfully, not a TON needs done in that room after the ceiling…a few tiles need replaced, then do all the trim work, but that’s about it!  Then we can mount the TV, pull back in the exercise equipment, and call it a day!  Then, we can focus more on the nursery stuff, which has taken a backseat to other home remodels.

Otherwise, work is going well.  Same stuff, different day.  J and I have been trying to make more of an effort to exercise and get outside while the weather is nice, so that’s been really good.  We both bought kayaks, so we try to get out on the lake or the river at least once or twice a week…it’s something we can do together that we really enjoy, plus it’s super relaxing!  We don’t really have any major trips lined up, at least not this summer.  We’ll be doing a roadtrip in the fall to visit a friend in Connecticut, so that’ll be really fun!  All things to look forward to, which is nice.

And that’s about it!  Life has been moving on, steadily, this past month.  I haven’t been crocheting much (too hot outside and I haven’t really felt the impulse to create anything), so that’s been put on hold.  I’m sure once the weather cools off, I’ll start in again, probably another baby blanket for the adoption.  We keep hanging on and hanging out, and hopefully soon you’ll be seeing an update that we’ve been matched!

Much love,

Crochet Blanket, finally finished!

blanketOy, have I been remiss in posting.  Many of you probably remember that I was doing a Crochet Challenge in 2015.  The idea was to do two granny squares a week, and then piece together as I go, and the finished product would be a queen size afghan to go on our spare bedroom bed.  Well, much like most things in life, it didn’t exactly go to plan.  I took a few months off during the summer last year, and then slacked every now and then.  But, last month, I finished it up and added the border!   It’s very colorful and it turned out a little smaller than I anticipated, but I’m still really happy with how it looks.  It’ll be perfect for a twin size bed, when we have a little one!  So, here it is!  Ready to go on the bed! (the cats seem to love it too)

Much love,




Potholders…Crochet Old-School


While on a quest for new and fun things to crochet, a dear friend of mine decided to up and move cross country for her husband’s work.  While looking at housing in a small Connecticut town, she came across a gorgeous, vintage, 1950s house…complete with a pink kitchen.  You heard read me correctly…First Lady PINK (thank you Mamie Eisenhower)!!!

potholderOf course, what goes best with First Lady pink kitchens?  That’s right…vintage potholders.  And, of course, they must be done in pastel colors!  So, I raced off to Pinterest and Ravelry to find a few patterns (and ended creating a whole board full of patterns to look through in the future), and finally settled on an adorable flower potholder pattern.

I’ve put together a few of these now, but here’s the finished product of one.  It’s double sided, so extra thick, and incredibly heat resistant if you use natural fiber yarns (like cotton).  They work up really quickly, and the pattern was very easy to read.  I used the pattern from Ruby Red Eclectic’s blog, and it turned out exactly as described!

Feel free to post photos of your own if you’ve made some awesome potholders…I’m always looking for new ideas!

Much love,

Master Bathroom Remodel: Complete


It’s amazing how you always anticipate things running far more smoothly than they do in reality.  This is true in so many different aspects of life: your job, your relationships, education, etc.  Well, this master bathroom remodel was no different.  When we first started discussing the remodel, I remember thinking that we could do it ourselves to save money, but that it would take longer.  Of course, neither J nor I really understood just how much “longer” it would take.

780 days.  Yep…that’s how long it took for the full project to be completed.  We ripped up the first tile the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2013, and we got the shower glass installed on January 18th of this year.  We did darn near everything to that bathroom…a full gut, moving electrical, moving plumbing, moving ductwork.  We ripped out walls and built new ones.  Installed all the cement board and drywall, did the seaming and mudding.  Primed it.  Laid underfloor heating.  It was sporadic work…mostly done in the winter months and on long breaks from work.  We ended up hiring out the tiling and the painting (and the shower glass…because as much as I love and trust my engineer husband, I don’t know if I trust him enough to install something that will encase my body on a daily basis and present some pretty heavy consequences if it were to fall off and shatter).

And though it took forever, and there were days when I thought it would NEVER get finished, it was worth it.  It’s gorgeous, and exactly what we wanted, and feels ridiculously dreamy.

Here are some photos with before and after shots.  The orange walls are obviously the before (at least, I hope it’s obvious!).  They’re iPhone shots, so not my finest quality, but enough to give you an idea.

Hope you enjoy all the hard work!  I know we definitely enjoy the spoils of our efforts!  If you have any questions about the materials, progress, level of effort, etc….let me know.

Much love,


Bathroom Remodel…Nearly Complete!

After two very long years, several weeks spent covered in drywall dust, and many arguments discussions on how to finish the space, the master bathroom remodel is nearly completely!  As I type, the shower glass enclosure is being installed, and that will be the final piece!

I am so excited to finally unveil it on the blog…I feel like this project has been going and going, with no end in sight, and now we’re there!  Of course, we’re already planning on what to work on next, but I feel like we’ve learned a ton and can be much more realistic on timelines going forward.

Stay tuned, I’ll be sure to post pictures over the next few days!

Much love,

Week Five: Crochet Challenge

FullSizeRenderThis post is coming slightly later than I had anticipated.  Unfortunately, I had worked ahead in week 4, and then life exploded (primarily work related) in week 5, so I finished up the week 5 challenge a few days late.  No worries, though, because week 6 will be on time!  Plus…I’m still ahead of the game, and I’m loving how this blanket is turning out!  As always, I’m open to suggestions!

Much love,

30 Days of Blogging: Color Palettes

I absolutely love looking at color palettes.  I search for inspiration in them, and dream of what I can do with each and every different color, and all the craft projects I could make to showcase different accents.  When I was a kid, each year at the start of school, my biggest level of excitement was when we’d get a new box of crayons.  I always begged for the 96-crayon pack, and by the end of the year they’d be worn down to then nubs (even the “ugly” colors…no discrimination here).  I’d fill coloring books up, page to page, and would draw constantly (though not well).  I just adore color…it’s so inspirational and makes me happy!

So, with that said, of course I couldn’t pick just ONE color palette as a favorite!  Here are a few of the ones that I’m currently loving.

1.  Provence Palette

ProvencePaletteI absolutely love the bright, vibrant colors of this palette.  If we have a daughter, I’d really like to decorate the nursery in these colors, because I feel like they’re bright and cheerful enough to carry on from baby to child, maybe even adolescence (depending on whether she wants to keep it).  It doesn’t scream “baby” to me, which I really like.  Plus, there’s enough neutral in the palette where you can paint the walls in the neutral grey, and use the other colors as accents throughout the room.  I like to keep the walls neutral, so that you don’t have to repaint them as often, and you can change-up accents whenever you want, creating an entirely new look for the room, fairly easily.


2.  Leeked Tones

Leeked TonesThese colors just remind me of freshly cleaned kitchens.  No idea why, but I see them and think of sunshine and sparkling counters, bowls of fruit and cooking.  I love the grey blue color for the walls, with bright white cabinets, and maybe butcher block countertops.  Plus, you could incorporate the lime green color in plates and accents throughout the kitchen (artwork, even), and maybe as accents in a back splash.  We need to remodel our kitchen, and I’d love to incorporate these colors into the design when we do it!


3.  Moroccan Hues

moroccan huesEvery time I see these colors, I think about our time spent in Morocco.  It was such an amazing vacation, and we had a fantastic time.  We’ve already incorporated a great deal of this color palette into our spare bedroom downstairs.   The walls are the orange color, and the duvet on the bed incorporate several of the colors in the photo.  We’re going to have some of the photos we took in Morocco blown up on canvas to hang, which would really tie it all together.  I’d love to put in really dark hardwood floors to complete the look, but we’ll have to wait on that for a bit.  I love the colors in this palette, mainly for the memories that they evoke.  Walking into the room always makes me happy!


I could go on forever with more colors that I’d love to put in our home, but that would be overkill.  For now…these are some of my favorites!  What do you think…any other colors you would add?


Much love,