In Case You Were Wondering…

IMG_1001In case you all were wondering what $5500 looks like, all in one place, well I’m here to show you.

Today I received all my meds in the mail for our IVF cycle.  Yep, all $5500 worth.  I’ll start stims on day 3 of my cycle, which should be either Friday or Saturday.  My protocol involves Follistim, Menopur, and Ganirelix.  The Follistim and Menopur are there to help grow follicles and aid in ovulation, and then Ganirelix is used to prevent ovulation before the follicles are mature.  Then, when the time is ready, there’s a trigger shot of HCG to force ovulation for the egg retrieval.

I’m ready for this (I think).  I mean, sure…a large part of me is absolutely scared shitless at the unknown of what I’m getting myself into, but hey…no guts, no glory, right?  I’ll try to blog through the cycle so that I can let you all know how things are going, but I’m hopeful!

Much love,

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