Crochet Update!

blanketI’m happy to say that my crochet challenge blanket is up to date and back on track!  It took me awhile to get it going again, but with each square I crochet, I fall in love with it a little bit more!

I’m currently at a standstill, however, because I realized that I didn’t order the right green color to use, so I had to go hunt that down last evening.  The green should ship shortly, and once I get my greedy little hands on it, I can kick off a new row.  It’s over halfway finished by this point, so only 5-6 more rows to go.  I’m honestly so excited to see the finished product on my bed (even if I have to fight the cats over it).  Last night, I put the blanket down on the ground to take a photo, and the cats jumped right on it!  Hana is the one in the photo, staring at me while claiming ownership.  I have a feeling I’ll never get all the cat hair out of it.  Oh well…

Much love,

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