Life, and everything during…

So, the past few weeks have been somewhat relaxed stressful.  We decided to go ahead with a third (and final) IUI this month, giving it one last “Hail Mary” shot before moving on to IVF.  Luckily, the protocol we’ve used for the last two IUIs (5mg of Femara from CD3-CD7) has worked very well, so we didn’t have to change anything up for this third IUI.  My RE hasn’t been interested in injectable meds because I have a really good response with the Femara alone, which has been a godsend (not to mention much happier on my wallet, as injectables are EXPENSIVE).

So, yesterday was the IUI.  I had a giant follicle (~26mm) and another that was smaller, but mature.  I have felt so bloated and tender in the abdomen, and it hasn’t gone away.  The IUI went fairly smooth, but I had a lot of cramping after. I’m hopeful that this time is the one, because the jump from IUI to IVF will be really hard.  Not only with the cost (good lord, expensive), but also with the toll it’ll take on my body.  Femara has been “easy” so far, I can’t even imagine how bad it’ll get with the injections.  I really hope I don’t have to find out.

Sorry I’ve been so absent/sporadic in posting as of late.  Life has been insane with work, fertility treatments, and travel.  I want to get back on the bandwagon of a more regular posting schedule, but am also curious to hear what you would like to read about!  If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Much love,

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