Life is always full of changes, some good and some bad.  I try to remember that change, by itself, isn’t necessarily a bad thing, even though it can have bad results.  However, change always seems to catch me off-guard, even when I’m the one seeking out the change.

Recently, I’ve started re-evaluating my life.  We’re going through fertility treatments, which brings about a lot of stress, and work piles up on top of everything.  I love the people who I work with, including my boss, which is what has made this job as tolerable as it has been for as long as it has.  But, I’m quickly realizing that this isn’t a sustainable job for me, and I would like to look for a new role where I could be happier, more effective, and more valuable to our company.

Last week, I was approached by a colleague regarding a job opening.  She is looking for someone to work in sales and marketing, covering our Asian accounts.  It would involve international travel, and it would be more in line with the work that I did while living in Europe (which I was quite comfortable with and enjoyed).  It would be a good career move for me, and I know that I’d enjoy the work (as well as be good at it), but initially I still wasn’t sure.  I spoke with my current boss and with J, and they both encouraged me to go for it.

Yesterday, I applied.  I’m on pins and needles wondering if I’ll get the job or not.  I hate feeling emotionally invested in something, because it only lets you down if you don’t get it.  I need to stay positive and remember that the manager approached ME, not the other way around, which has to mean something.  I’ll keep you all updated, but I’m hoping that this is the first of many changes coming up for me!

Much love,