Inked! My First Tattoo

IMG_0189For the past decade (at least!) I’ve been wanting a tattoo.  While the ideas have shifted on what I’d get, the desire for body art hasn’t disappeared.  J has three tattoos, so I knew he’d be supportive, and his advice was to find something that meant something to me, so that I wouldn’t get tired of it.

After living in Japan and the Netherlands, I knew that I wanted something to commemorate our love of travel.  J and I LOVE traveling and take the opportunity to see someplace new any chance I get.  With that in mind, I started researching tattoo artists that had styles I liked.  A dear friend, A, recommended a place named Firefly Tattoo, and a tattoo artist, Dina.  As soon as I saw her work, I knew that this was who I wanted to do my tattoo.  Her style was so feminine and colorful, and the designs were so well executed.  I contacted her and we started putting together ideas, and a few days before my appointment she sent me a sketch of what we talked about.  It completely blew my mind away!  It was absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t wait for her to do the actual tattoo.

Yesterday was my tattoo, and the actual tattoo time was a little over an hour.  Dina was so funny and put me immediately at ease (I was a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect).  We got down to business and before I knew it we were finished!  I’m going to add the coordinates of where we lived in Japan and the Netherlands to this tattoo, once it heals up, and then I can add to it if we ever move again!  I love the idea of having a little piece of where we’ve lived to show the world!  I’ve heard that once you get one tattoo, you’re hooked, and I can totally see why.  I’m practically planning my second one already!

Much love,