Because I don’t have enough projects…

I know that I missed the last Crochet Challenge last week, which was due primarily because I didn’t a) plan ahead, and b) I was in Wisconsin for business for most of last week.  But, I didn’t want to leave you all hanging, and I have been working diligently on my Crochet Challenge 2015 blanket.  But, because I totally can’t resist a good baby blanket, I have picked up two new crochet projects, baby blankets for my two dear friends who are expecting their little bundles of joy!  I’m currently working on my friend, Cassie’s, blanket.  After that wraps up, I’ll start in on Meredith’s blanket.  Luckily, both are going with a neutral color scheme, so I can use the same yarns for both.  They both picked out greens and yellows, though Cassie’s is more of a vibrant green and yellow, whereas Meredith picked pastels.

IMG_1420So, here’s what I’ve got so far for Baby Stormageddon (nickname, of course)!  I love a good chevron pattern, don’t you?  It’s only a few days worth of work (this pattern works up very quickly!), so I hope to have it finished before the baby shower in April.  If I can, I’d like to finish it by mid-March, so that I can work on Meredith’s blanket before her shower in May.  It’s a busy time out there, and my fingers need to get working!

Much love,

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