Week Three: Crochet Challenge

Week Three CrochetIt’s hard to believe that the third week of January has come and gone!  Before we know it, we’ll be into February, and that’s already a short month, so soon it will be March.  I remember, as a child, thinking that time moved so slowly, and I couldn’t wait to grow up.  As I’ve grown older, I find myself wishing that I was a child again!  I guess the lesson in all of that (sorry for the tangent!) is to take each day as it comes and live in the moment.

Ok, enough of that…now for why you’re really here!  I’ve finished up six squares so far, and the blanket (first row) is now three feet long.  It will end up being nine squares across, and thirteen squares long, so I’m nearly finished with the first row!  I’m definitely liking the connect-as-you-go strategy to granny squares, and since each square is only one color, there’s only two ends to weave in for each square!  This is turning out to be my easiest project yet!

I want to add a few more colors to the blanket, but I’d like some suggestions.  What am I missing…any thoughts??  I’d love to hear your opinions, so please let me know!

Much love,

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