Week Two: Crochet Challenge

Week Two CrochetWell, we are two weeks in, and four granny squares complete!  I tried to keep up with doing a one of my squares out of the pattern book I have, but after realizing it would be a complete pain to attach as I go, I decided to squash that idea.  So, for this challenge, it’s all granny squares, which means it’s boring for you guys.  Sorry about that!  But, as a consolation, I’ll post photos as I go, and you can see the progression of my blanket!  I also might start throwing out options for my readers to pick the next two colors, once I’m a little further along.  I like it, sort of “Choose your Own Adventure” for my readers!  (Yes, I’m lame, I realize that)

Here’s my blanket so far…four squares out of 104 (actually, based on my measurements, it’ll be 117).  That’s a little over 2 squares a week!  J is gonna kill me, because I get the feeling that I’m going to need more yarn colors…

Much love,

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