CHIP: Complete Health Improvement Plan

fruitsStarting next week, J and I are kicking off 2015 by participating in an 8-week health improvement plan through our company.  The idea behind the program is to reverse the effects of unhealthy habits and create a lasting, healthy lifestyle.  The program has three meetings a week, all during lunch, and food is catered in that meets the program guidelines.  I’m actually really excited about it, though also nervous because it’ll be introducing some foods I’m not used to, and removing some of my staple items!  The idea is that a large portion of health issues in the US are lifestyle related.  By removing some of those unhealthy lifestyle actions, you can help mitigate the effects, and sometimes even start to reverse them.  Personally, I think that’s pretty cool!

So, starting Monday, I’ll move to a strict diet for a week.  It’s plant-based, so pretty much vegan.  I’ve never tried a vegan diet before, but I’m willing to give it a whirl.  Luckily, the program includes a cookbook, so there are a ton of recipes to follow, which makes it much easier.  If I had to come up with these recipes on my own, I’d be sunk.  After the first week’s strict diet, it starts to ease up and gradually reintroduce some items.  It still suggests that you give up dairy (which I already don’t eat), and wants you to heavily limit animal proteins, but encourages more fruits and vegetables and whole grains/legumes/beans.  Overall, it seems doable, and I am excited to see how it goes, so hopefully it’ll be a good experience.

Before the program starts, we had to have biometric screening done through our health service at our company.  They ran blood work and looked at body fat %, BMI, waist to height ratio, and other health factors.  I was really pleased that, after the past year and a half of weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, my numbers were all really good!!!  It’s always nice to see numbers and science to back up all the changes that you’ve made, that you really are doing the right thing for yourself and your health.  So, hopefully, at the end of this, it’ll be even better!  Time to kick off the 2015 year the right way!

Much love,

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