30 Days of Blogging: Color Palettes

I absolutely love looking at color palettes.  I search for inspiration in them, and dream of what I can do with each and every different color, and all the craft projects I could make to showcase different accents.  When I was a kid, each year at the start of school, my biggest level of excitement was when we’d get a new box of crayons.  I always begged for the 96-crayon pack, and by the end of the year they’d be worn down to then nubs (even the “ugly” colors…no discrimination here).  I’d fill coloring books up, page to page, and would draw constantly (though not well).  I just adore color…it’s so inspirational and makes me happy!

So, with that said, of course I couldn’t pick just ONE color palette as a favorite!  Here are a few of the ones that I’m currently loving.

1.  Provence Palette

ProvencePaletteI absolutely love the bright, vibrant colors of this palette.  If we have a daughter, I’d really like to decorate the nursery in these colors, because I feel like they’re bright and cheerful enough to carry on from baby to child, maybe even adolescence (depending on whether she wants to keep it).  It doesn’t scream “baby” to me, which I really like.  Plus, there’s enough neutral in the palette where you can paint the walls in the neutral grey, and use the other colors as accents throughout the room.  I like to keep the walls neutral, so that you don’t have to repaint them as often, and you can change-up accents whenever you want, creating an entirely new look for the room, fairly easily.


2.  Leeked Tones

Leeked TonesThese colors just remind me of freshly cleaned kitchens.  No idea why, but I see them and think of sunshine and sparkling counters, bowls of fruit and cooking.  I love the grey blue color for the walls, with bright white cabinets, and maybe butcher block countertops.  Plus, you could incorporate the lime green color in plates and accents throughout the kitchen (artwork, even), and maybe as accents in a back splash.  We need to remodel our kitchen, and I’d love to incorporate these colors into the design when we do it!


3.  Moroccan Hues

moroccan huesEvery time I see these colors, I think about our time spent in Morocco.  It was such an amazing vacation, and we had a fantastic time.  We’ve already incorporated a great deal of this color palette into our spare bedroom downstairs.   The walls are the orange color, and the duvet on the bed incorporate several of the colors in the photo.  We’re going to have some of the photos we took in Morocco blown up on canvas to hang, which would really tie it all together.  I’d love to put in really dark hardwood floors to complete the look, but we’ll have to wait on that for a bit.  I love the colors in this palette, mainly for the memories that they evoke.  Walking into the room always makes me happy!


I could go on forever with more colors that I’d love to put in our home, but that would be overkill.  For now…these are some of my favorites!  What do you think…any other colors you would add?


Much love,

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