30 Days of Blogging: Fitness Goals

tumblr_m5d4aoMZSB1romj9mo1_500I am a goal-oriented person.  If I don’t have something that I’m actively working towards, I become the laziest sack of poo this side of a college student that took 9 years to get a General Education degree.  I find that having goals helps focus me and really ups my drive to accomplish.  Without them, I could easily sit on my butt for days on end, accomplishing nothing and being completely happy about it.

My fitness goals are varied.  I’d like to maintain my weight loss.  It took a year for me to lose 60 pounds, and I’d prefer not to gain it back any time soon.  I’ve recently discovered trail running, and love it, so I’d like to run some more trail races.  As it’s coming up on winter, they’re few and far between (at least in this area), so I’ll have to wait for spring to roll around again.  I’d like to continue training, and there are plenty of 5k races to keep me busy in the meantime.  My goal for next year is a half marathon (there are two that I want to run: Indiana Women’s Trail Run and the Disney half) and a Tough Mudder.  The Tough Mudder I plan on running with some coworkers, so that will help my motivation to actually do it and finish.  It should be a ton of fun though!

Otherwise, regarding fitness overall, I’d like to work on my flexibility and core strength.  I plan on signing up for yoga classes after I cancel my current gym membership, so I think that will help a lot.  Yoga also helps so much with my overall mental health, as it really allows me to de-stress and relax, especially with all the work stress that I deal with on a daily basis.  Plus, I can do it anywhere, with hardly any equipment!  Perfect for travel!

What are your fitness goals?  Anything you’d like to start again, or pick up new?

Much love,

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