30 Days of Blogging: Excitement!

bridesmaidThere are always things I’m excited about in life.  Usually, it’s the simple pleasures that excite me the most…the first day where I notice the leaves changing color on the trees, the first hot chocolate of winter, that first moment in the morning where I wake up and find my husband watching me with love in his eyes.  It’s the little things that matter the most, and I do my best to really focus on those and hold tight to them.

But, right now, I’m excited about something slightly bigger.  One of my best friends is getting married THIS WEEKEND!!!  I’m her Matron of Honor, and I am so incredibly thrilled to be able to share this day with her!  She’s had a rough year or so, and deserves all the happiness life has to offer, and I know her husband to be will give her all that and more.  Plus, it’s one of the few weddings that J can actually go with me to, as normally there are conflicts in our schedules.  Tomorrow kicks off the wedding weekend festivities, with manicure and pedicures for us ladies, then the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner after.  Then I’ll be spending the night with the bride at her place, and we’ll wake up Saturday to what I am sure is going to be a fantastic day!  I’m seriously very excited and can’t wait to spend time with her before her big day!

So, there you have it, my big excitement!  Is there something that you’re excited for at the moment?

Much love,

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