30 Days of Blogging: Attraction

attractionAttraction in a relationship is important.  I’ve always said that physical attraction shouldn’t be the most important thing, but I’d be naïve if I said that it didn’t count for something.  If anything, the physical is what gets you into a relationship (often times).  It’s the catalyst that kicks off the “getting to know you” process, and without it, most people wouldn’t give the other person the time of day.  Obviously, this isn’t true of everyone, but for the average person…it usually starts with the physical.

Which got me to thinking…what am I attracted to in a partner.  For me, it’s a 20/80 split between physical and mental attraction.  I guess, if you know me in real life, you can look at J and physically see what I’m attracted to, but it’s so much more than looks.  In the physical department, I like guys that take care of themselves.  I appreciate exercise and healthy eating habits, and I like guys that have some meat on their bones.  I’ve had super skinny partners before, and there’s nothing wrong with it, but if we were talking about an optimum partner, they’d be more muscular and hefty.  No real preference on hair color…I’ve dated brunettes, red-heads, and blonds.  Blue eye color seems to be a theme though…I’m a sucker for blue eyes.

Personality is really where I get sucked in.  I can be somewhat attracted to a person, but if their personality is amazing, they’ll become the hottest thing on earth to me.  I love a sense of humor.  Laughing is a must for me.  Intelligence is incredibly attractive.  You don’t need to be a Rhodes scholar, but you do have to be able to hold an intelligent conversation with me.  The ability to debate is nice.  I think that some of the best ideas come from intelligent debate, and I don’t shy away from healthy conflict.  A sense of adventure is a MUST.  You have to be able to appreciate life and all it’s uncertainties, and be willing to embrace a great adventure to stick around with me.  Finally, I find a strong personality incredibly attractive.  I don’t like pushovers.  My partner needs to be able to stand up to me when necessary, and be willing to stand his ground.

So, that’s what I’m attracted to.  Strong personalities, intelligence, adventure.  Some of it is physical, but far more is a mental attractiveness.  What are you attracted to in a partner?  Is it physical, or more mental, for you?

Much love,

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