30 Days of Blogging: Special Photo

As I’m sure many of you are aware, J and I are animal lovers.  We love all sorts of animals, but cats are probably our favorite.  We currently have three kitties, and those girls make each and every day an adventure!   So, when the prompt to share a photo of something or someone who made my day special came up, all I could think about were our kitties.  Lily is the oldest, a wise 5 years, and is the orange tabby.  Lieve and Hana are the twin troublemakers, and only a few months past their first birthday.  They’re grey tabbies.  Between the three of them, there’s never a quiet moment in the house, and there’s definitely never a moment where the house is completely clean.  They’re like mini tornadoes…leaving nothing but distraction in their wake.  Thankfully, they give great cuddles, so it’s all forgiven.

Here are some photos of the beasts!  They each have their own personalities, and it’s so interesting to watch them all interact.  I look forward to many more years with these girls!


Much love,

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