30 Days of Blogging: 5 Years from now.

5 years from nowIt’s hard for me to not think about the future.  I’m a planner by nature, though more of a “long-term” planner more than anything.  It comes and goes for me, really.  I love to take every day as it comes, but I do have long-term goals in mind.  I’m a hot mess, what can I say.

In the next five years, there are several things I’d like to see for myself:

*Professionally – I’d like to be further along in my career.  I’d prefer to either be a Program Leader by this point, or work in the Government Relations group.  It would be nice if we were doing another expat assignment, or working out of DC (where several of our Government Relations people work), but I think I’d also be happy still living in the Midwest.  I think my overall goal would be for J and I to not have such similar careers.  Currently, we’re both in management (which can create a lot of job stress) so I feel like we’re both in demanding careers.  I think it would be better if one of us were in a less demanding career, but that will remain to be seen.

*Personally – I’d like to be a mother, hopefully of two children (though I’d be perfectly happy with only one as well).  By this point, I’d like for my first child to be starting kindergarten soon, with a second one not far behind.  I’d like to be playing music still, and even more involved in the church (I’m currently involved in Music Ministry, but I’d also like to be involved as an RCIA sponsor).  J and I will be past our 10 year anniversary, but I know we’ll still be very happy together.  I’ll be nearing 40, so I hope to still be in good shape, maintaining my weight loss, and very active physically.  I’d also like to start taking Krav Maga classes, so maybe I’ll be involved in that!

Overall, in 5 years, I’d like to be as happy with my life as I am now.  I’m in a really good place, both professionally and personally, and I’d like for that to continue, and even improve.  I hope my friendships are as strong then as they are now, and I’d like to create new friendships in the meantime.  I’m excited for the future, and what it holds!

Much love,

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