30 Days of Blogging: Advice

adviceDear K.  You’re 16 now, and nearly ready to tackle the world. You’re scared of what your future holds, whether you’ll go to college, and what you’ll be when you “grow up.”  That boy you’re dating…he’s a sweet guy.  He’s not your “forever,” but he’s a good man, so treat him right and he’ll still be your friend on FB 16 years later.  You’re gonna decide not to follow him to college…don’t worry, it’s the right choice.  You’re going to meet other men who help shape who you become, and though you’ll struggle, you’ll come out ahead of the game.  And don’t worry that you’ve not made up your mind on what you want to be…you’ll still going to be wondering at 32, so no need to stress about it now.

If I could offer you one piece of advice, for all that I know of what you will face for the next 16 years, I’d say to just know that things will be difficult.  They will be hard at times, and there will be times when you are so exhausted (both mentally and physically) that you will want to give up.  You will struggle with depression and anxiety, worse than anything you can imagine, and there will be times when you’re ready to throw in the towel.  But don’t.  It WILL get better.  You are going to meet the love of your life, and you will achieve things no one ever dreamed possible for you.  You will travel the world and experience places and people you only read about now.  There will be good and bad, which is typical of all facets of life.  Hang in there, because above all, it’s WORTH IT.  100%…completely worth every pitfall and joy, every stumble and moment of excitement.  Life is hard, but in the end, it’s all we have, and you have to hold tight to that.

Enjoy these next 16 years…hell, I know for a fact that you will.  Embrace all the experiences thrown your way and don’t let fear hold you back.  Life, in every aspect, really is beautiful.


Much love,

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