ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Like many out there (this has spread like wildfire) I was challenged yesterday to the ice bucket challenge to raise money for ALS. I was actually complaining to J the other day about how I didn’t like the premise of the challenge…the idea is to either a) donate money, or b) if you don’t want to donate, douse yourself with a bucket of freezing cold water. And then post about it on social media…as though the world should post more about how they’re not willing to donate to worthy causes. But, sure enough, as it usually happens when I complain about something, I get called to do it by a friend, and all good sense goes out the door.

Each day, 15 new cases of ALS are diagnosed in the US. This disease affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, causing degeneration of the motor neurons leading from your brain to your muscles. As muscles no longer receive signals for movement, the muscles weaken and eventually atrophy, which in turns leads to death.

Today, there is no cure or treatment that halts or reverses ALS, though there are drugs that help slow the progression. Donations help fund the research for life saving drugs and therapies that can treat the disease, and hopefully one day fund a cure. Please consider donating to this worthy cause at the ALS Association’s website.


Much love,

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