Random Blog Post: Three Hobbies

Occasionally I’ll do a post that seems completely out of left field.  Warning:  This is one of those posts.

I like hobbies, and because I like them, I have a lot of them.  I’m one of those types of people who just can’t sit still for any significant period of time.  I like to be busy, and staying idle usually leads to trouble for me (“Idle hands are devil’s tools”…or something like that).  And, honestly, I have way more than three…but I won’t bore you with all of those.  Here are my three favorites, in no particular order.


1. Crocheting

blanketI never used to be heavy into yarn works.  For as long as I can remember, my mom was always knitting something, and my aunt would crochet all sorts of blankets for family.  She also would make all my doll clothes for me when I was younger.  My sister was also very involved in crocheting, as well as quilting.  So, while it wasn’t uncommon for me to be surrounded by women working on crafts, I never really was involved in it much.  Then, we moved overseas, and it was like the yarn bug bit me!  I started seeing lots of really interesting patterns, and during the winters when it’s cold and dark 75% of the time, I wanted something to keep me busy.  And so, I taught myself (with the help of YouTube) how to crochet!  And I’ve never turned back!  I’ve made several baby blankets so far for my friends’ who have had babies, and a few scarves thrown in there as well.  Currently I’m working on a throw for my mom, which I hope to have finished for her Christmas present.  My yarn stash keeps growing, which drives J insane, but I get a lot of enjoyment out of it, so he doesn’t really grumble much.


2.  Music

musicThroughout my entire life, music has probably been the greatest constant.  It’s my constant go to for stress relief, boredom, creativity, and just about any other emotion I can think of.  I make playlists for just about every aspect of my life, from exercising, to cooking, to sleep.  I play in a couple of different ensembles, with the City Band and with my church, in the Music Ministry.  I sing, I play the flute, saxophone, violin, marimba, and snare drum.  If I had to pick a sense to lose forever, I’d pick my eye sight over my hearing, because having music in my life and the ability to hear the notes is so important to me.  I honestly can’t imagine a time when music won’t be one of my top priorities, and I’m happy about that.


3.  Cooking

cookingOne of my greatest pleasures in life is feeding people.  I have no idea why.  I used to be an absolutely terrible cook.  Seriously, ask my freshman college roommate…I burned spaghetti to the bottom of the pan.  Who screws up spaghetti?!  That’s right…this girl.  I blame it on the fact that my mother never taught me to cook, and wouldn’t let me help out in the kitchen.  So, because of that, my culinary “bloom” happened much later than I would have liked.  Once I moved out of the dorms in college, I had to fend for myself, so I really just had to learn.  Cooking is all about following instructions, then once you have down the basics, you can go from there.  I can safely say, now, I am a good cook.  Not gourmet, and I probably wouldn’t win any “Top Chef” awards, but I can feed myself and my family just fine, and get compliments on my cooking.  I love to bring in baked goods to work, because I love to bake but hate having all that stuff around the house.  It’s a perfect win-win situation…I still get to bake and cook what I want, but I can remove the temptation, and my coworkers can reap the rewards!  Whenever J and I travel to another country, one of our favorite things to do is take a cooking class together, to learn more about the local foods and to learn how to make new recipes!  We’ve done one in Hungary, and one in Morocco, and I still really cherish those recipes (and memories) to this day.  I’m actually really glad I enjoy cooking so much, because we all have to eat, and if I hated it, it would suck having to do it day-in/day-out.  This way, I get to feed my friends and family, and have fun while doing it!


So, there you have them, my top three hobbies!  I really enjoy a lot of other things as well, but these really stick out in the forefront of my mind.  What about you?  Any favorite hobbies you’d like to share?


Much love,

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