Eagle Creek Trail Run – Quarter Marathon

This past Saturday, I completed my second quarter marathon trail run, the Eagle Creek Trail Marathon.  I am absolutely in love with trail running!  This time around, I even managed to cut off 23 minutes from my last run’s time!  Last trail run, I zoned out around mile 4.5, and missed the turn off for the trail we were running.  I didn’t realize it until about half a mile in, and then I had to backtrack, which definitely didn’t help my time.  This trail was much better marked, so I didn’t have that issue.  Also, this was a much “faster” trail, for some reason, even though there was a lot more elevation gain and tons of hills.  I really enjoyed myself though, and now I’m on the hunt for the next one to run!

J mentioned that he’d like to run the next one with me, so that’ll be a lot of fun.  We’ll need to train, but thankfully there’s a state park about 20 minutes away, so we can go after work or on the weekends.  The ones I’ve been running are also half and full marathons, so it would be really awesome if I could do the half at some point.  10552404_10104473410336689_83737202650760666_nThe quarter, right now, is a good distance for me.  I’m sore, but not terribly so…mainly just my knee (the right one, which is the one that has most recently had surgery) and my hip area.  I’m sure it probably has something to do with my stride, or my stabilizer muscles are weak in that leg due to surgery.  Either way, more training should help with that, and I’d like to do a half at some point (with J, preferably).

Here is a photo of me, after the race, with my medal.  I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do with my medals…probably a shadow box of some sort in my craft room (once we remodel it, because right now it’s a hot mess in there).  Or, I might do a cork board of some sort…not really sure yet.  I’m sure Pinterest has a blue million ideas, so I’ll probably start looking there to get some thoughts together.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Much love,

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