30 Days…Day 30!

Wow, I can’t believe the end of the challenge is here!  It actually went by incredibly quickly, which was surprising to me (as I thought I’d be miserable the entire 30 days, which wasn’t the case at all).  It’s almost like a mini-Lent, in a way.  I guess it sets the stage for Lent next year, and I can do this again for 40 days this time.  I’ll finish up today strong, so it will be a full 30 days, but tomorrow starts a new day.  I think I’d like to do another challenge like this (though I might not post daily on it, who knows), so if anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear there!


Day 30:  I did it!  30 full days with zero soda!  I also significantly cut down on my caffeine intake, as the only caffeinated beverage I drank was iced team (and not daily).  Overall, I’m pretty pleased and proud that I was able to stick to it!


Much love,

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