Bathroom Remodel…

I haven’t really done a post in a while on our bathroom remodel.  This is, primarily, because not much as been done on the bathroom remodel.  But…that’s life, at times, so I’ll own it.  We have added more drywall to the bathroom, and have purchased all the drywall we’ll need to finish up the bathroom, and complete the basement remodel (after The Great Arctic Vortex of 2014 caused a flood in there).  After the drywall is finished up in the bathroom, we can start in with the mudding (basically the seaming that we’ll have done to cover the seams where the drywall panels meet), and get to work on laying the under-floor heating.  I’m so excited to have heated tile floors in the bathroom…no more frozen feet in the middle of the night!

J and I have given ourselves a one year timeline.  That means, by Thanksgiving 2014, we should be finishing up with the bathroom!  I actually think it’s doable, if we really start to dig in.  Tonight, we have very romantic plans of scarfing down dinner, and then hanging more drywall…I know, be jealous, we lead quite a glamorous life!  Once all the drywall is complete, I’ll update with photos!

Much love,

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