A Late Anniversary

A few months ago (May 16th), J and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  We decided not to give presents to each other; instead we bought a MacBook Pro as a “gift” to ourselves, and called it a day.  However, on the day of our anniversary, J gave me ANOTHER gift on top of it, a book of photos of my favorite sculpture, Nano Lopez.  J and I had come across his works while on a cruise, and I fell in love with his stuff.  I had really wanted one of his sculptures, but at the time we couldn’t really justify the cost, especially with my law school loans breathing down our back.

Fast forward a few months, to last week.  photoJ informed me that we needed to drive to pick up a package from the FedEx place after work.  I asked him what he’d ordered, but he wouldn’t tell me.  Honestly, I didn’t think much of it, and went about my day.  After work, J and I went to pick up the package, and I got my second (late) surprise!  J had actually ordered me a Nano Lopez sculpture!!  So now, I have my very own Suzy Q, and it’s sitting on the fireplace mantel as we speak.  I absolutely love it, and I can’t believe that J remembered the one I wanted from so many years ago.  He really is such an amazing husband!

Much love,

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