Happy Birthday, My Love

10382541_10103737007459028_3722129767577957684_oToday is J’s 35th birthday.  As I’m sitting on the couch writing this, he’s in the shower getting ready for our day.  It’s good, because it gives me a chance to reflect on us, and how much he means to me.

I’ve been with J for over 8 years now, and in two short days will be the 8th anniversary of the day he proposed.  Ever since I’ve met him, J has been such a rock, a pillar of compassion and strength, intelligence and humor.  He loves me (and God knows, I don’t always deserve it) and cares for me and our family (yes, I’m including the cats on this, because he loves those fur beasts like they were his very own children).  He works so hard, ever day, in order for us to have the life we want, and he always pushes himself to be his very best in anything he does.

327473_10101782491724228_191384067_oI asked a question on a message board last week, wondering who their role model was.  I answered as well, and one of my role models (which probably won’t surprise you) was J.  He handles anything that comes at him with such poise and ease, and rarely does anything ruffle his feathers.  He’s 100% the calm to my storm, and I love that about him.  I’ve noticed, in the years we’ve been together, I’ve become more laid back to match him (though Lord knows, I’m nowhere near his level of calm…just calmer than I used to be).  Plus, his capacity to love and forgive is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.

So, today, J enters a new year of his life.  I’m incredibly thankful that I get to share that year with him, and hopefully many more to come.  He’s the love of my life, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of our lives together has to offer!

Much love,

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