30 Days…Day 7

Sundays are another weekend day, with more habits that I need to break.  Normally, after Mass ends at 0900, I’d head over to the Circle K for a Diet Mountain Dew.  This weekend was particularly bad, because after Mass we were going up to my parents for my mother’s birthday.  She turns 70 on Thursday…hard to imagine!  Instead of a trip to the gas station, I used my Mr. Coffee Tea Café maker to make some AWESOME brewed iced tea with my Teavana loose leaf tea.  It was amazing!  I totally didn’t miss the soda at all!


Day 7:  I’m really starting to deal well with this no soda thing.  I’ve found a lot of really good drinks that I’ve been ignoring (even plain water) and I’m branching out!  My favorite so far is Teavana brewed iced tea with the Blueberry Kona Pop blend (a mix of their Blueberry Bliss Rooibos tea and their Pineapple Kona Pop herbal tea)!  Absolutely delicious!


Much love,

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