30 Days…Day 3

Day two ended pretty well…I had my two iced teas throughout the day, then relied on water for the rest of the day.  I’ve found myself becoming more and more thirsty for water, the longer I go on drinking it.  Seems a bit odd, but is probably my body realizing what true hydration is like, and not wanting to give it up again.  Either way, I’ll go with it.  I still think straight water is sort of boring, but it seems to be better if I put in lots of ice.  I feel like such a little kid, having to be “tricked” into the healthy option, but whatever works, I’ll take it!


Day 3:  Water is tasting better and better, and not a headache in sight.  Also, surprisingly enough, I’ve not felt the urge to rip anyone’s head off yet, so I count that as a win!


Much love,

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