30 days…Day 1

NO-DIET-SODAToday marks day 1 of my 30 day challenge.  It’s nothing special;  no fancy name, and no one is doing it with me.  Basically, it’s me, trying to go 30 days without soda.  Which, for many, seems like a simple enough thing.  It’s only a month…30 days…no soda.  It’s not a caffeine issue or anything, but I realized just how much diet soda I was ingesting on a daily basis, and I wasn’t really thrilled with it.  It’s a lot of chemicals, and a lot of “extra” that I just don’t need.  So, I wanted to see if I could cut it out.  Realistically, I know that I can do it…but I’m curious to see how hard it will be.  I’ll probably be doing daily check-ins…really short little blurbs of what I’m feeling.


Day One:  Headache (presumably from caffeine withdrawal…but I have headaches on a daily basis, so who knows), and I desperately want carbonation.


Much love!

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