A Productive Weekend.

Over the last few months, our weekends have been less that productive around the house.  We’ve traveled some and had other commitments, so that slows things down considerably.  Plus, with it being summer, the last thing we want to do is be cooped up inside all weekend, when we get so little free time during the week.  So, with that said, we’ve made zero progress on the Master Bathroom remodel **hangs head in shame** so I have nothing new to share on that front.  However, this past weekend, we were able to make some progress on the house, overall!

Last week, I finally reached the point where I was fed up with our garage door opener.  There is only one car remote, that we share between two cars, and the garage door opener itself makes a horrible noise when you raise the door.  It has woken me up a few times when J leaves early for work, so I was fed up and done with it.  I realize this is totally a “First World Problem”…but dammit, I was finished.  So, I told J that our ONE priority this weekend was to replace the garage door opener with the new one that we’ve had, for months, sitting in the garage.  He agreed, and we decided to do it Saturday, since I had a band concert Sunday afternoon.

Saturday rolled around, and we woke early.  Had some breakfast, then J asked if we wanted to go for a walk/go to the gym and grocery, or just get started on the garage.  Oh no…I knew how this movie would end.  I wanted to get started first thing.  So, we backed out the cars, got all the equipment, and got started.  Surprisingly, it went well!  J and I do not normally do home repairs together, because we’re both “take charge” type of people, and both think we’re right…which can lead to arguments.  But, this time, it went so smoothly!  It took a bit of time (we had to rewire a few electrical things in the garage at the same time), but we finished it and everything worked!  SO QUIET!!  Plus, I also managed to weed the entire front yard landscaping, which was starting to resemble a jungle more than a front yard!  I was so glad to get those two things finished up and off our list…and who knows, maybe this jump started us on a new wave of home remodel productivity!

Much love,

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