A New Endeavor

A few years ago, J and I switched to bar soap from liquid soap in our shower.  For the longest time, I would use a loofah and liquid soap, and be happy as a pig in mud.  Then, I read an article on the number of germs those loofahs hold, and was immediately grossed out.  So, back to bar soap I went.  In addition to the germ aspect, I did more research on the plastics involved and the environmental impact of liquid soap, and was really disappointed.  The amount of energy spent turning the soap to liquid, plus the chemicals included to keep the soap in its liquid state are terrible for the environment, not to mention the amount of plastic involved in the packaging.   So, the environmental impact, combined with my germaphobia, made it an easy choice to go back to a bar soap.

However, bar soap is NOT cheap!  At least, not if you want something that isn’t chock full of chemicals that I can’t even begin to pronounce.  And, frankly, the idea of spending $4-$5 per each bar of soap (and I shower twice a day, so that stuff doesn’t last) is enough to make me want to cry.  I’m environmentally friendly, but I’m also cheap.  So, with the help of Pinterest and my awesome googling skills, I have determined that I’m going to make my own soap!  I think I’ll start with a simple melt and pour recipe, so that I don’t have to jump right in with the lye.  Plus, it’ll give me a chance to see if I enjoy making the soap at all, before really buying a ton of stuff I might never use.

I’m hoping to order a few things this weekend, and get to start on it before our 4th of July holiday!  I’ll be sure to update with my finished product and process, and I’m hoping to have some fabulous new soap to show off!

Much love,

2 thoughts on “A New Endeavor

  1. Hmmm, I use liquid body wash (Dial) that I buy at Sams. The bottle lasts me like a year, can be recycled and I just use my hands to wash in the shower. Homemade soap sounds cool but damn that’s a lot of work!! 🙂

    • LOL…I’m definitely going to go the easy route! They have some “melt and pour” kits where you literally melt the stuff in the microwave, and pour it into a mold, and let it harden. I’m not going down the route of all the cold-press soups, where you have to actually deal with the lye. I’m far too accident prone for that…I’d probably end up burning myself!

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