Growing up.

picstitchIn a few short weeks, it will be a year since we brought two more kittens into our home.  They were born the first of June, so we got them at around eight weeks or so.  But, the other day, I looked at my two “little kittens” and realized, they’re now cats.  Hard to imagine (well, not really, Hana is fat)  but I guess everyone grows up at some point.

Last night, they were snuggled up next to me in bed, purring away while I scratched their head, and I could help but think back to when they were so tiny.  When we first got them, I could carry both of them in one hand with no effort.  Now…carrying them both at the same time in my arms is a feat!  But, they’re still my babies, no matter how big they get.  And…they get along fairly decently with Lily now!  Which is exciting, in and of itself!

So…happy birthday, my little furbabies.  I can’t explain the joy you’ve brought to our lives, and I look forward to several more birthdays with you.

Much love,

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