Dallas and Long Weekends

Nearly two years ago, my best friend moved out to Dallas from the Midwest.  She moved, like most of us do at this age, for work.  She’s a Physician’s Assistant at a Children’s hospital, working in the ER.  And, of course, the move was perfectly timed so as she moved to Dallas right before J and I moved back to the US from the NL.  Because that’s how we roll.

In the time she’s been in Texas, I’ve not had a chance to go see her, which has been super disappointing for me!  I mean…she’s my BFF, and I can’t even go see her new apartment!  The major problem is we have wildly different schedules, and we’re both workaholics, so free time to get in travel is difficult.  Plus, every time I could get away here, she would have already made plans to come back to the Midwest to see her family.  So, I’d get to see her, but it would be back in our hometown.

But last weekend, I finally was able to make it for a visit.  I left after work on Thursday, and didn’t get home until super late Sunday night.  It was an AMAZING trip!  We hardly did anything other than hang out, watch movies, relax, and eat.  We managed to hit up some fabulous restaurants, hang out with one of L’s work friends, and sleep late every morning.  It was exactly what I needed, as the past month or so has been monstrous with work.  I plan on going into detail about restaurants on my other blog, but for here, suffice it to say, it was a fabulous weekend!

Much love,

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