I’m calling it. Updated!

As of today, I am calling it.  After nearly 11 long months of weight loss (I started my first tracked “highest weight” on June 27, 2013), I have FINALLY hit my goal weight!  As of today, I weighed in at 140 pounds, which is a weight I never anticipated being able to reach again.  To put it into perspective, I haven’t been this weight since my first year of law school, which was NINE years ago!  Realistically, I know that my journey isn’t over, it’s only begun…and now the hard work of keeping the weight off has started.  But, I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am and how thrilled I am with the results of several months of hard work.  I honestly feel like I haven’t dieted, but have truly made a life change, and I’m excited to move forward from here!

So, to break it down:


Starting Weight – 192.7
Ending weight – 140.4

Total weight lost – 52.3 pounds!!!

I have a photo that I took showing a “before,” and tomorrow I’ll take an “after” shot.  I ran out of time this morning while I was racing to get ready to go to work.  For now, here is one that shows my progress as of a few days ago.  Thoughts?

before and after





As promised, here is a photo of the before/after shot.  The “before” photo was taken as I was shopping for a bathing suit prior to our trip to Hawaii last year (5th year anniversary trip), and the “after” was taken this morning…24 hours after hitting my goal weight.



Much love,


6 thoughts on “I’m calling it. Updated!

    • The knee is good!! Losing the weight definitely helped…probably bought me a few years extra until the next surgery. Unfortunately, the knee issues are structural and aren’t actually fixable without the surgery…but so far they’re hanging in there!

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