Happy Anniversary! (at least, as far as presents are concerned)

So, to start this post off, I will tell you all that it is NOT our anniversary.  That is next month, on the 16th.  If you would like my paypal address in order to send us a financial “congratulations” in honor of our anniversary, I’ll be happy to provide it for you.  (Ok, that was a joke.  Sort of.  Except if you really want to…ok, ok…it was a joke!  Gah!)

Anyways…on Saturday, J and I were sitting at Culver’s, dining on awesome cheese curds that were deep-fried to fatty perfection, when he piped up with a question.  “So…about our anniversary.  Let’s talk gifts.”  And, I immediately interjected that I was fine if he didn’t want to do gifts, but a card was non-negotiable (as always).  J looked a bit taken aback, and was like, “Umm…we’re going to do gifts.  But, I was wondering if you wanted to just get something for “us” instead of individual gifts to each other?”  JACKPOT!  Frankly, I have been WRACKING my brain over the past month for a present to get J for our anniversary.  We normally try to tie in the “traditional/modern” gifts for our anniversary year, but this year was a rousing two options of “candy/iron” or “wood.”   Not too much to work with, there, if truth were to be told.

In actuality, I had picked out an AMAZING (if I do say so myself…and I do) idea for what I wanted to get J, incorporating wood.  He loves working with his hands and building things, as well as being outdoors, so I thought it would be perfect to sign up him for a weekend woodworking course on building your own kayak or canoe.  I mean..how perfect would that have been?!  So, in typical fashion, I started scouring The Google looking for what would surely be an easy find.  And it was, there were a ton of different options…if you lived in Washington state, upper Michigan, or Maine.  Of which, we live in none of those options.  Plus, looking at the prices for the courses where you actually BUILD your own canoe/kayak to take home, and not just watch someone else do it…well, I just didn’t see how I was going to manage to pull off a $5,000 anniversary gift without J noticing.  Hell, the man snarks off when I spend $30 on random romance novels for my Kindle, there’s no way he’s not going to notice a $5k charge on the credit card.

So, my initial hopes and dreams for an epic gift were now dashed, and I was back to square one.  Until, that is, J pipes up in the middle of Culver’s about how we could buy a gift for “us” and just call it a day!  Now, that’s a damn good deal, if I ever heard one, and no one could say my momma raised a fool, so I took it.  “Why honey, that sounds like a FANTASTIC idea!  You’re so smart!”  (Stepford Wives, table of 1, thank you very much)  Then, J launches into this story about how he was working on updating software on his iPhone, and wanted to download all his photos onto the computer, and how our laptop was being an absolute pain in the rear.  And, as clear as the sun shining outside, the writing was on the wall.  “So, you’d like to get a new laptop, is that what you’re telling me?”  “Bingo.”

And, at this point, the sky opens up, the angel trumpeters start the trumpeting, and I can FINALLY see a light out of the tunnel that is the horrific slab of useless that we call a laptop!  Granted, it was a good laptop, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just slightly dated (about seven years old), and it met with an unfortunate accident while in the NL, involving an entire glass of diet soda that it’s never really recovered from.  So, the laptop can’t really be blamed, exactly, she’s just led a hard life.  And it’s time for retirement (or the junkyard, whatever).  Needless to say, if I wasn’t down with the plan before (and I was), I was DEFINITELY down with it now!

Of course, never one to miss a golden opportunity to get what I want, I mentioned that I was completely fine with that idea, but I’d like to get a Mac this time around, as I was tired of messing around with PCs.  I thought it would be a pipe dream, as J clings tighter to his wallet than just about anyone I know, and we all know you can get a comparable PC for half the price of a Mac.  But, alas, fate was on my side this time!  J was all, “yep, that’s what I was thinking too, and they have Mac’s at the Best Buy in Bloomington, so I thought we could go.”  Umm…YES, PLEASE!  Not only do we get to go to my favorite town in the state, but we also get a Macbook?!  That’s right…forget the cheese curds, it is ON!.

And now, all this lead up to get to the point of this post.  For once in I don’t know how long, I am blogging from a computer that doesn’t randomly shut down.  I can use the shift key without back deleting text!  The battery life is longer than 5.78 minutes!  I am now blogging via my amazing Macbook Pro, and I couldn’t be happier!   Happy Anniversary, indeed!

Much love,

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