Recipe Monday (Easter Edition)

I had such big plans for Easter this year.  I was going to do an Easter for Two and it was going to be epic.  EPIC, I tell you!  Alas, life has a way of taking even the best laid plans and throwing them under a 5 ton semi, and then setting them on fire.

So, I was going to do an “Easter for Two” for J and I…and in a way we still had one.  Unfortunately, with the massive “work week from hell” last week for both of us, a lot of the prep work just didn’t get done.   And then, my baptism and confirmation into the Catholic Church was during the Easter Vigil on Saturday evening, and that lasted until nearly 1:00am Sunday morning.  Needless to say, we slept in.

But, I did manage to pull it together for breakfast.  I made us a homemade breakfast, complete with pancakes topped with fresh raspberries and strawberries, and whipped cream.  It was on par with IHOP, just a whole lot healthier!  After we had breakfast, we worked around the house on the yard and on cleaning up inside the house (and of course, can’t forget the laundry).  It was relaxing and nice, and then we ran a few errands in town and grabbed some frozen custard.  By that point, it was time for us to come home so I could make dinner!  And while I didn’t pull out the full “Easter for Two” that had originally been planned, I did want to do something semi special for us.  Which lead me to a favorite of both of ours, quiche.  Quiche…the delicious egg “plus everything else you can think of” dish…a million different ways to a million different results.  It was a sure win for dinner, and I was up for the challenge!

I settled on a FoodNetwork recipe for Cremini Mushroom, Bacon and Shallot Quiche, which sounded absolutely delicious!  Plus, I had a lot of the ingredients (or I had stuff I could substitute for the ingredients).  I picked everything up this morning while I was at the grocery getting the fresh berries for breakfast.  Once it was time for dinner, I started in with the prep work.

IMG_8531Quiche, if you do the crustless kind, is fairly simple.  It’s a matter of cutting everything up, measuring, mixing it all in a dish, and then baking it.  Simple and easy, which was exactly what I required after the last seven days.  I started with the mushrooms, and used the baby portobellas that we got from our produce delivery on Tuesday.  I love baby portobellas…so tasty!  Then, I grabbed a red onion that I had on hand.  Shallots are a much milder onion taste, but I didn’t see a point in buying a bunch of shallots when I love red onion and had some on hand.  Then, the bacon.  Now, this is something I didn’t have on hand.  A year later, I’m still around 98% vegetarian.  We don’t buy meat for home, and I rarely ever eat it when we go out.  I, overall, IMG_8543prefer a vegetarian diet, but occasionally I will eat meat.  I prefer not to do anything in extremes, and that includes being a vegetarian.   Plus, as much as we travel, I can’t always be guaranteed to find a vegetarian option, and the last thing I want to do is get so used to a meat free diet that having meat by accident makes me sick.  So, I had to get some bacon.

I got it all chopped and started mixing up the ingredients, when I realized I didn’t have a 9-inch pie dish.  Which, no big deal, I had a nice 8×8 Pyrex dish I could use instead.  I layered in the ingredients and put it in the oven to bake.  And waited, and waited.  And peaked through the window (because I was starving and wanted to eat, dammit!).  And finally, it was time.

And voilà!  Dinner was served!  Yep, that’s right, you guessed it.  IMG_8546The quiche was a bust!  Everything was measured correctly and I followed the directions, but the eggs just didn’t set up correctly.  I’m thinking part of it had to do with the fact that I used a smaller dish than was called for (an 8×8 square Pyrex, compared to a 9-inch pie dish).  Also, it just seemed like there was too much liquid and not enough egg.  I think I’ll try to make this one again, and probably use 1/2 cup less of the half-and-half, and one more egg.  Hopefully that will help make up for the excess liquid in the dish.   And, even though it wasn’t set up like a quiche should be, I tasted it, and it was DELICIOUS!  So, we decided we’d salvage the dish by tossing it in a skillet for our breakfast, scrambling it up, and eating it on a whole wheat tortilla as a breakfast burrito.  See, a lot of disaster kitchen creations can be saved, you just have to be a bit creative.  So, we’ll still eat it, we just didn’t bother dealing with it at the time.  And, based on how it tasted when I tried it, it’ll still be a fantastic breakfast!

So, let this be a lesson.  Any time you try out a new recipe (and you should NEVER be afraid to try a new recipe) always be ready for things to go “not quite as planned”.   In our case, that means having delivery on speed dial.  Sadly, as this took place on Easter evening, not many delivery options were available, hence the Taco Bell.  But, it’ll be a good story to talk about, and hopefully you all got a smile out of my culinary disaster!

Much love,

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