On why I must move South…

This weekend, we’re in Louisville for Thunder over Louisville.  It’s a giant air show and firework display that kicks off the Derby season here in Kentucky.  J and I came here for our first “weekend getaway” eight years ago, about a month after we started dating, and I’ve wanted to come back ever since.  Of course, living abroad, it wasn’t like we were just going to fly back to the US for a weekend in Louisville, so it’s been put off…until now.  And so, here we are.  And I’m finding that, even though I’m only an hour and some odd minutes from home, I’m literally in a whole other world.

The accents!  People here sound different!  It’s crazy, and I know that there is the “Southern Accent” of course, but I’m only a little over an hour from home and people here sound completely different!  I absolutely adore it…it’s so soft, slightly slower, a slight drawl.  There are “ma’ams” and “sirs” all around, and the politeness of people makes me want to run around offering free hugs for everyone.  Not that where I’m from is unfriendly…far from it, in fact.  Compared to the Netherlands, the people of Indiana are damn near indecent in their friendliness!  And I do love Indiana, though I cringe at times when I say it, because no one is supposed to “love” where they’re from…unless it’s the big city that typically has some sort of “big city pride” accompanying it.  You know…like NYC or L.A.  Everyone who’s from there just LOVES their hometown.  But…that’s trendy.  It’s not trendy to love being from Indiana…and yet, I love it nonetheless.

But that doesn’t change the fact that, at times, I long for a different pace.  For all the friendliness of Indiana, we are still firmly in the “Yankee” category.  We rush a bit, and hurry through life.  Most of us are workaholics (at least, in my circle of friends we all are), and few really take the time to stop and appreciate what we have in the now.  And I feel like people here (and by “here,” I mean, the South) really do all those things.  The pace of life here feels slower.  Instead of hurrying on to the next big project or the next major catastrophe, people here take a minute to stop, breathe deep, and really invest in the “here and now.”  And I long for that.  I yearn for it!  At this point in my life, I spend the vast majority of my day being overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed by work, by home remodels, by “extras” in my life that probably aren’t necessary.  And, it’s tempting to see something different and think “this will solve ALL my problems!”  Which, of course, isn’t true at all.  And I should probably focus on fixing the actual issues of my “overwhelmedness” (is that even a word?) rather than spend my time dreaming about living somewhere else as a fix.  And yet, the temptation is still there, and quite strong.  And hey, a girl can dream, right?

So…here I sit, getting ready to head out for breakfast with my love, and explore a pretty awesome city.  And I’ll take some photos (or rather, I’ll have J do that…while I drink a martini) and come back and post on my travel blog all about it.  And in the back of my mind, I’ll probably sit and ponder about life and how it would be if we moved down South.  And who knows…maybe in a few years from now, I’ll come back on here with a big post about how we’re transferring jobs or being relocated, and the “dream” as it stands will come true!  That’s the coolest part of life, really…the unexpected is always around the corner!

Much love,

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