Easter for Two.

In the past, Easter has always been done at my parents’ house.  My mom would make a giant spread of food (enough to feed all of Tanzania), and everyone would join in from our family.  This year, however, mom didn’t seem so keen on doing Easter.  Every year, after every major holiday, she always swears she’ll never do it again, and every year, she…you guessed it…does it again.  Maybe this year she’s sticking to her guns, I’m not entirely sure.  But, since she’s said she’s “not doing Easter” this year, I’ve decided that I’m taking up the reigns for Jamie and myself (and maybe friends if we decide to invite others).  And, of course, what better planning tool than PINTEREST! (For those of you that would like to stalk my every growing list of Pinterest finds, please feel free to click the link.  You know you want to…)Peep Tulip Centerpiece

So, because every good party (even a party of two is still a party) starts with the right ambiance, I considered decorations.  But…they need to be cat friendly decorations, because my cats are three of the biggest hellions this side of the Mason-Dixon line.  Plus, I also wanted them to be reusable decorations, so that I didn’t have to remake all this stuff next year.  But…sometimes beauty wins over practicality, so I think I’m going to do a mix of both.  One of my favorite things around this time are all the fresh tulips that are blooming.  Tulips are one of my absolute favorite flowers, so I try to get fresh ones for the house whenever I can.  And, well…Peeps are the quintessential Easter treat, so I thought we’d throw those in there too, just for funsies.   Low and behold, Pinterest had exactly what I was looking for (of course they did…because that’s how you get sucked in).  Cute little centerpieces with tulips and Peeps!  I think I’ll change the colors, probably to pink or purple, and go from there, but these seems like they’ll be super easy!

Then, I figured I’d do something else for our door.  I’m a big fan of door wreaths.  There’s something incredibly festive about them!  A warm welcome to people who drive by or stop over, a little something extra before they enter your home.  Plus…you can change them fairly easily each dahlia wreathseason, and save them for the next time around.  Oh yeah…I’m all about a little reduce, reuse, and recycle.  However, there’s an inherent problem that lies within wreaths.  They’re awesome…or…they’re not.  They can quickly go from “best thing ever” to “hot mess” in 2.98 seconds.  So…you need to be careful with wreaths.  You want to give off the “welcome to my home, aren’t we lovely ” vibe to visitors, not the “oh my good lord, you channeled the ugly sweater contest at Christmas when making this wreath.”  As such…this wreath needed to be nice, not over the top, and good lord did it need to be LIGHT on the tulle.  I’ve always been inspired by paper crafts, and I happened to come across some really neat looking Dahlia wreaths that were made of paper, for the door!  So, I’m thinking this will actually be my first project.  After work today, I’ll head over to Hobby Lobby to look at their scrapbook paper to get some really neat patterns, and go from there!  That way, I can make it tonight and hang it up, and it can stay on the door from now until Easter!

I’ll probably also make some garland for the fireplace (because I have a ridiculous amount of yarn on hand, I can surely use that for crocheting some eggs), but I think that’s all I’ll do for decorations.  And, to be honest, the garland might not make the cut.  We don’t have kids, so it seems a bit silly to go all out on decorations for just the two of us.  It’s a nice to have, if I have time and the desire…so we’ll see.  If anything, I can always make it for my amazing friend, Tupp, and ship it on out to her and her adorable three girls!

Of course…there’s more to come in my great Easter for Two of 2014, but I’ll leave you here for now.  Next up…the MENU!

Much love,

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