A Blanket for Mi Madre

I’ve been a serious slacker in posting my crochet projects. I wish I could say it was just that I hadn’t posted anything, but they were all waiting in the wings for their big debut, but the truth is…I just haven’t done much.  My last blanket was for Baby O, and after that I decided to take a break.  But recently I found myself itching for a new project, so I thought I’d get started on a blanket for my mom!  This blanket has been in the planning stage for quite some time.  She wasn’t sure what colors she wanted, I wasn’t sure what pattern I thought would work best in her living room…just a bunch of things.

Finally, I just broke down and asked her (so much for the surprise, eh?).  She really liked the granny square pattern that I’ve done before, but wanted something bigger (not a bunch of small squares, but less of a larger square).  Hey…no problem for me!  Means I have less to connect (and if you know me, you know that connecting the granny squares is brutal for me).  So…I was happy to deliver!  Plus (and thankfully she doesn’t read this blog) I also plan on making her some toss pillows with the same yarn, if I have time, to round out the full present.


The concept for the blanket is simple.  Each square is a 12 x 12 inch square, and I plan for the finished product to be 36 x 48 inches. That doesn’t include the border, which will tack on a few inches all around.  It’s a lap afghan, as she didn’t want anything bigger, so it won’t be super large.  My mom quilts, and wants to start another project soon, so this will be good to cover her lap up while she sits on the couch and quilts.  Plus…she finally got back to me on the color she wants to use, and even sent me two skeins of it!  Perfection!

Here’s what I have completed so far (the third square needs another row, so I don’t have it photographed).  Nearly three squares down, nine more to go!  I’m still not sure what border color to go with.  I will connect the squares using the light brown color of the final row, so that it looks like an extension of the squares, not a separate stitch to tie it all together.  However, the border can be anything.  I was thinking the green would be nice, as would the cream.  Thoughts from you out there??  Any way you think I can improve the design?  I’m always up for suggestions!

Much love,


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