Slow and Steady. Or…maybe just slow.

They (whoever the hell “they” are) always said that slow and steady wins the race.  Well, if that’s the case, we’re in for the big prize.  I wanted to do a post on our master bathroom remodel, and I had hoped to have a bigger “wa-bam!” to show you.  But, much like other things in life, it doesn’t always work out that way.  We’ve made tons of progress, it just doesn’t really look like it from the photos.  J has been amazing doing this work…he’s been working 55-60 hours a week at work, then he comes home and works in the evenings and some weekends.  For about a month or so, nothing really got done due to his father’s health issues, but we’re back in full swing now.

photo 1As of this point, we’ve finally gotten all of the electrical rewired for the bathroom.  That includes new ground fault interrupts, all new dimmer switches, and additional outlet points to accommodate things like a USB port for our phones, and a heated toilet seat (because J had one in Japan at the hotel, and now he’s obsessed).  We’re also about halfway finished up with the rerouting of the plumbing to accommodate the move in shower position, the drains, the new tub and the two sinks positioning.  After that is finished, we plan on finishing up the drywall.  This is a big deal because we’re not only drywalling in the master bathroom, but also in the basement after The Great Flood of 2014 due to the Arctic Vortex #1 (out of 843, it seems).  So, as far as drywall goes, it will really be a “one bird, fifteen stones” type of maneuver.  I’ll be glad to finish up with the drywall.  I don’t mind hanging it, at all, but the seaming bit I absolutely detest.  We’re going to have someone else do the seaming, because neither of us want to deal with it, but we’ll get it all hung first and then bring in someone else to work on it.

photo 4In addition, we’ve also put together some of our bathroom furniture (one sink and one medicine cabinet, to get an idea for placement), and those are all ready to go.  Yesterday, we put the bathtub into it’s “spot” so we could figure out where to place the plumbing for the faucet (it’s three feet tall!), which was really awesome to see.  It’s crazy to see how it’s all coming together.  We started this process over Thanksgiving of last year, but have taken several breaks here and there in the meantime.  I’m so incredibly thankful that we have two other bathrooms we can use in the meantime.  It’s really allowed us to just relax and do the work one step at a time, as opposed to rushing just to get it finished.  We still need to buy a few things for the bathroom (drywall, toilet, and the infamous glass for the shower enclosure), but otherwise we have everything already purchased.  It’s been a process, but I’m so excited to see the finished product!

Once the drywall is up, we start the real fun part.  Tiling and putting it all together!  I can’t wait for this bit…it’s the last part before we have our bathroom back!  I am looking forward to sharing it with you as we move along, so stay tuned.  What do you think so far?

Much love,

3 thoughts on “Slow and Steady. Or…maybe just slow.

  1. Holy crap, that tub is AMAZING!!!! Total tub envy. I am super impressed at all the complicated work you all are doing and love the heated seat and USB port ideas. I have a heater fan thing in my bathroom ceiling that I occasionally forget to turn off. It is right over the toilet so the seat will get warm and it is so nice! Can I hire you and J to work on my house and pick out all the furniture, colors and fixtures? Can’t wait to see the final product, everything is so awesome so far!

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