One step closer to total world domination…

One of the first things we noticed about our house when we bought it, was all the amazing opportunities to really deck it out and make it “ours.” There was more space than we knew what to do with (still is, for that matter), and enough natural light to never need a single lamp during the day, throughout the entire house. We got all moved in fairly quick, and were unpacked within a month, and then…it just sort of dwindled. There were still plenty of projects we wanted to tackle, but life quickly stepped up to the plate and nudged those projects aside.

But…we were able to take care of two really important ones this past week!! For the longest time, we’ve been talking about how we wanted to put shelves up on the wall in our living room, so that the cats can use them as “stairs” to get up to the overhang in our cat highwayfoyer. It’s a perfect place for them to climb up to and get a view of the entire living room, and they absolutely LOVE being up high (like most cats, I’m guessing). But, we weren’t sure where to get the shelves, or whether they would be sturdy enough to hold up the hefty weight of three cats at once (they like to pile on each other), so it got put off. And put off some more. And finally, we got tired of putting it off and, after a well-timed trip to IKEA, we bought some shelves that we could use that would hold quite a bit of weight and would work with our décor. Then, of course, it took us forever to get them put up, but that’s another story. However, last week, we finally finished one side of them! We’re going to put some shelves on the other side (through the doorway) so that they can get up and down on both sides of the wall, and then we’ll also put a few on the left side of the doorway, as another access point. We’ve been really happy with how they turned out, and the cats absolutely love it! Here’s a photo of Hana and Lieve hanging out!  They especially like that we’ve put carpet on the shelves, so they also like to lay down on them and just watch everything going on in the house.

Another major project we’ve been trying to get finished up is having one of our Prague Easter 4-23-2011 3-02-21 PMphotographs from Europe blown up and printed on canvas, to hang above the fire-place.  We spent months trying to figure out what type of look we wanted for the living room (beach?  mountains?  city scape?) and we really didn’t find anything that “fit” in with our living room.  Then, we decided to just look at our photos that were more abstract to see if we could find something we liked, and sure enough, one really stuck out to us!  It was taken during a trip to the Czech Republic (Prague) while we were hanging out in the main city center square.  They have a very large clock that would chime hourly and it was absolutely gorgeous, so we took a photo while we were hanging out.  That photo wound up being one my favorite photos from Prague, and when we were looking through our files, it really seemed like a perfect addition to our living room!  Here’s the photo we’re using, though obviously it’ll be better quality than the what you’ll see.   What do you think??

So, those are our two major projects over the past week!  The master bathroom remodel is still in the works…J has been working on the electric rewiring and plumbing over the past few weeks, then hopefully we can start with the tiling!  We’re planning to have it finished up in the next few months, so I can’t wait to do a “before and after” post on that to share it with you!  I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress that we’re making, and I’ll be sure to include photos!  The tiling will be the best part, I hope!

Much love,

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