Baby O’s Blanket – Finished!

After several months of working on Baby O’s blanket, I have finally finished and mailed it off!  This project has been such a labor of love…definitely the most in-depth afghan I’ve made so far, but it’s also my favorite!  As with all my afghans, I start out by finding out what colors my friend (the mother, normally) want to use for the blanket.  After that…I just figure out what pattern I want to work with.  A lot of times I’ll ask for opinions to make sure my friend likes the patter, and then off I go!

This was my first time working the Blackberry Bobble Stitch.  I’d seen it before on Pinterest and Ravelry, and it always looked absolutely adorable, but I’d never gotten around to actually doing anything with it.  I’m so glad I took the plunge this time around!  It is such a fantastic pattern and so much fun to work up!  It does take more yarn that I normally use, but it’s not too bad (I purchased 2 skeins of each color and had plenty of leftover).  Overall, the pattern was very easy to follow, and really didn’t take too much time.  Unfortunately, it took me forever, because I didn’t have a lot of time to focus on it 100%…but that’s ok!  It was always fun to come back to and work on!

Here is a cute work-in-progress photo of where I was when I first started.  From this view, you can really see the bobbles sticking up, which is my favorite part!

early start to afghan

My friend decided that they didn’t want to find out the gender of the baby, so they really wanted to go with primary colors that were gender neutral.  Hence the Red, Navy, Turquoise, Yellow and White!  Which, I didn’t realize until after I started crocheting, the Red, White and Blue are both colors of the US and of the Netherlands (where my friend and her partner live).  So…that was quite an unexpected coincidence!

Another addition to the blanket that I wanted to add (unlike any of my previous blankets) was a backing.  I always felt like, without a backing, the blanket didn’t feel quite “finished” to me.  The people receiving the blankets always assured me that they loved them and that they didn’t think they were “unfinished,” so I never put the backing on any of them.  However, I really wanted to try it, so this blanket I went for it!  And, just as I expected, I love how it looks (but, I might be biased a bit).  Then, I decided to go one TEENY TINY step further, and crocheted a small owl appliqué to add to the backing (because, really, who can resist a tiny owl).

photo 2

After all that, I attached the backing with a simple blanket stitch, and to the blanket ready to send out!  I was so in love with the finished product that it was hard to give it up, but it really wasn’t MY blanket, it was 100% little baby O’s.  It’s currently on its way to the Netherlands, and I can’t wait for it to arrive and see photos of O all wrapped up in it!

And with that, the finished product!

photo 3                        photo 1

What do you think??  Hope you enjoy it!

Much love,



2 thoughts on “Baby O’s Blanket – Finished!

  1. Beautiful! What yarn did you use? I just completed a bobble afghan using Bernat Softee Chunky yarn in seafoam with white bobbles and love it…but the color selection of that yarn is not very vibrant…I LOVE the colors you used…and you’re right…who can resist a mini owl?!

    • Thanks!! I used Stylecraft yarn (Special DK in white, turquoise, and matador), a skein of James C. Brett Supreme Baby DK (color 15), and a skein of King Cole Big Value DK in Navy. I usually use StyleCraft pretty regularly, but couldn’t find the exact colors I wanted, so I branched out. I was really pleased with all three brands!

      I also buy my yarn off because they deliver and I’m lazy.

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