How is this even possible.

I swear, getting old sucks! Throughout the night last night, I’d wake up a bit. Not all the way, just enough to register that I couldn’t roll around very easily because it hurt my back. But, then I’d go back to sleep again and forget about it.

Until this morning. My alarm goes off, and I lean over to grab it and turn it off. BIG mistake! My back immediately seized up and sharp pains ran down my spine and caused my lungs to stop working. OMG…so freaking painful!

I managed to drag myself out of bed without too much incident, and hobble my way into the kitchen to where J was making breakfast. I grunted at him that something was wrong, and then just hunched over so I could breathe again. Sure enough…my back was shot.

So…we did what any self-respecting, intelligent people would do. We self diagnosed. Figured that I had a pulled muscle in my back from rolling the wrong way last night, and I needed to take it easy today. And really…taking it easy? Sure…no problem…mainly because I CAN BARELY MOVE! I told myself I’d give it today to see if it gets better (at least well enough to go to work tomorrow and sit in a chair for 8 hours), and if it doesn’t, I’d go to the doctor tomorrow. So far, I can report that it is better, but there’s absolutely no twisting or turning around without spasms going down my back and making it difficult to breathe. This absolutely sucks!

So…here I am. Pathetic, at 31, moaning about how painful getting old is. Seriously…THIRTY-ONE! This wasn’t supposed to happen for at least another 15 years!

Wish me luck, folks, that tomorrow will be better. Otherwise, I’m begging the doctor for muscle relaxants and washing them down with a martini.

Much love,

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