Green Bean!

While we were overseas, I learned about a really neat produce co-op that was going on in my old college town.  Admittedly, the town was really liberal and hippie, very environmentally friendly, and committed to locally sourced foods.  It was awesome, and I miss living there even today.  However, at that time, there was no way that the town we had been living in prior to moving overseas would ever have anything like that.  It wasn’t that the town was bad, it just wasn’t as progressive like my old college town.  Which was fine, because we were overseas, so it wasn’t like we could partake in it anyways.

However, upon moving back, we really wanted to find something where we could get fresh, local produce regularly.  I wanted to grow a garden, but quickly realized that our backyard wasn’t going to work, because it got very little natural sunlight.  Luckily, my sister-in-law has a large plot of land out in the country, and they grow a lot of their own vegetables, so we’re going to join up with them in the spring.  Until then, though, we needed another option.

In came Green Bean Delivery!  They came to our office and did a big presentation about what they offered and where they delivered, and it was exactly what we were looking for!  You start off by picking the size of your box, and then each week (or bi-weekly) they send you a list of what’s in your box.  If you like it, awesome!  If you don’t, that’s ok, because you can remove and add different things.  Plus, if for some reason you’re out-of-town or whatever, you can have your shipment put on hold, and you won’t receive anything or be charged!  We’ve done this a few weeks now, and it has been fantastic.  The produce is always fresh and often local (though we did get blueberries in one shipment…I couldn’t resist, I don’t care where they come from).  Plus, it really forces us to cook a lot at home, and really reinforces the idea of eating seasonally.  We get food that’s fresh and in season, and as such, our menu really reflects what is growing at that moment.  Plus, they have a lot of other grocery store items that I can add to my delivery, on top of produce.  I get some of our cheeses and cottage cheese there, plus they have fresh pizza dough and other things.  It’s basically an online grocery store, that delivers straight to your door.

I’m excited for spring, because we’ll be growing a lot of this ourselves.  We’ll put the delivery on hold for the season, and pick back up in the winter.  I’ve found that our diets have been even healthier since joining the delivery service, which has been really nice.  Overall, I’ve been really pleased with it, and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Does anyone else get produce and goods from a co-op?  Good experiences, bad?  Would love to hear your thoughts!

Much love,

green bean delivery

PS – This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Green Bean.  I just really love it so far!

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