Recipe Monday!

The week has kick-started yet again!  I don’t generally hate Monday’s, per se, but I will admit that I’m much more in love with Friday’s.  But that’s ok…I have a feeling this week will drag by as it is.  J is overseas on work travel, so I’ll be hanging out on my own this week.  Not really a big deal…I honestly don’t mind it, but the time does seem to slow down a lot when he’s gone.

On Saturday, while J was working on the home remodel projects with his brother-in-law, I was busy in the kitchen.  Apparently, the cooking bug had hit, and I had to make ALL OF THE FOODS.  There was one particular recipe I had been dying to try for quite some time…honey challah.  So…I figured I had a free Saturday, why not!  Let me tell you, I am SO glad I did!

For those of you familiar with challah bread, you know that it’s absolutely delicious.  Sort of like a croissant in a bread form.  Buttery, light, sweet…fabulous for breakfast, or a nice brie cheese and jam Panini.  It’s one of my absolute favorite breads, but it’s hard to find around here (unless you manage to get to Panera early on a Friday, the only day they have it available).  So, while browsing Pinterest one day, I came across this recipe for Honey Challah, and was totally in love!

The recipe is surprisingly simple.  I’d always been scared to death of making challah…I assumed it was ridiculously hard and I’d fail miserably.  Maybe that’s true of some challah recipes, but this one was really easy!  I mixed everything up (very similar to regular bread, with the addition of honey and eggs), and used my KitchenAid mixer to do the work for me.  After running the mixer to let it knead, all I had to do was knead it a few more times, put it in an oiled bowl, and let it rise.  Then, separate it into thirds and braid it…then let it rise again!  Then, bake it.  The hands on time for this recipe was really short…maybe 10 minutes or so to make the dough, then another few minutes to separate and braid.  The rest of the time is spent with the dough rising, and you don’t really have to do anything for that.  I will say, I did have to bake it longer than the directions called for, because it wasn’t quite done in the middle, but after giving it another 10 minutes or so, it came out perfect!  The bread was light and fluffy, with a really nice sweetness (very subtle, not super sweet).  The loaf was enormous, so I ended up sending half of it home with my in-laws who had come over to help with the remodel.  Even after that, though, I was still left with PLENTY of bread.  I’ve been munching on it randomly ever since, and each day it’s still super good!

And, what is a post without photos!  Here is my challah bread…the egg wash at that I brushed on prior to baking really allowed the top to brown up, and I think it looks really nice and shiny!  If you’re interested in challah, I can definitely recommend this recipe.  Give it a try, and I hope you enjoy it!

Much love,

unbaked challah        honey challah

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