Of all the luck.

I’m not sure if I wrote a post about this or not, but apparently our household is cursed by the water gods. Every time I turn around, something is either leaking, bursting, or ruining my house…and it all involves water! First, the pipe burst in the ceiling in the basement…so then our ceiling collapsed and the walls fell down from water damage (just the drywall, not the studs or anything). Ok…that’s bad. But fixable…just breathe and move on.

Then, it was the dishwasher. Our heating element had gone out about a month back, and we needed a new dishwasher. J had bought one, but it took some time to get delivered, and then once it was delivered, we realized we didn’t have a long enough hose. Ok…order more hose. No big deal. Got the hose…hooked it all up, and we were totally in business. Except now, because the hose wasn’t hooked up correctly and water leaked, and ran down the ceiling…yet again to the basement. But, luckily, it was only a tiny bit of water…so we mopped it up with a towel and moved on.

But hey! Third time’s a charm, right? HA! Whoever said that was an asshole. The third water drama was yet again the dishwasher. Apparently, the same hose ALSO had a hole in it that we didn’t realize. So, when we ran the dishwasher again (ok, two more times, but who’s counting), it flooded out the floor under the island without us realizing it (we run our dishwasher at night, right before we go to bed). So, we woke up Sunday morning with more water in the basement, and a ton of water under the island in the kitchen (the island is where our dishwasher and sinks are located). I’m pretty sure at this point, J was at his wit’s end. He started removing trim board because the drywall around the island was soaking up the water. Then he wasn’t sure if the drywall under the trim had started to mold or if it was rust from the nails when they built it. So then, the power saw came out to play. Next thing I knew, J had all the trim off, had cut holes into my island, and was telling me, “Well…maybe we ought to just redo the kitchen too while we’re doing the bathroom remodel.” You know, because we don’t have ANYTHING else going on!

So, that’s where we are. The master bathroom is completely gutted. J’s brother-in-law was over last night, and will come over again tonight, to help remove some walls and reroute duct work and plumbing. The basement is clean, but not repaired after the Niagara Falls that showed up in my basement a few weeks ago. And now…well, apparently now I’m getting a new kitchen. Which…awesome! Who doesn’t love a new kitchen?! But good lord…can we at least finish one project before starting another.

I’m sure I’ll be reporting back on the progress in the next week. I actually think we’re nearing where we can actually start putting stuff back together in the bathroom, as opposed to tearing it apart. The basement we’ll hire out, and then we can focus on the kitchen. Pictures will be provided, don’t you worry. Wish me luck, and pray for my sanity…I think I might need it.

Much love,

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