After nearly six years of marriage, sometimes it’s hard for me to remember what it was like when J and I were dating.  I remember the feelings of butterflies in my stomach that would show up before he was due to arrive at my place, or the excitement that I felt just talking to him on the phone.  Our first week of getting to know each other, we spent hours just talking on the phone, learning everything we could about each other.  Those hours spent on the phone made our first date seem like it was meeting an old friend, as opposed to a stranger.   Whenever I think back on those days, I get a really big smile on my face, and I fall in love with J a little bit more (if that is even possible).

Tonight, J and I are going on a date.  A real “dinner and a movie” date.  It’s been a while for us since we’ve done this.  In the NL, we tried to go out every few weeks or so, but it didn’t always work out (though, to be fair, more often than not it did).  Work and life gets in the way.  Responsibilities that we didn’t have 8 years ago seem to crop up and take precedence over plans quickly jotted down in a planner.  Our careers have expanded and duties with work have more than doubled, and being a homeowner (as opposed to a renter) always gives you more things to do than you have time for.  But, for tonight…that’s all going by the wayside.  Because, tonight, is a date.  And tonight, we’re not going to talk about work.  We’re not going to talk about the remodel or the basement flood at home.  Tonight, we’ll go out to dinner and hold hands, talk about our plans for the future and where we want to travel this year.  And after, we’ll go to an action flick (we’re both action junkies) and I’ll cuddle into him, and we’ll spend the next two hours shoulder to shoulder, escaping reality.  Then, after, some ice cream…because that’s how we roll.  We’ll joke and laugh, and not once reach for our phones.  Because this is how date night works.

On date night…technology doesn’t exist (at least, nothing that’s distracting).  The cell phones are turned off, no one checks their email.  Stressful subjects are avoided like the plague.  It’s our time to sit back, laugh with one another, relax and reconnect.  And while our relationship is pretty damn good most of the time, on date nights…well…its spectacular.  And having the opportunity to really unplug and just BE with each other is what matters most to us.  We always says it’s not the quantity of time spent together, it’s quality.  Because I would pick an hour spent together with nothing in our way, over spending 24/7 with each other in the same room, with eyes glued to our laptops.  It means more to us…it’s the quality, hands down.

And even now, while I’m writing this, I have a secret little smile on my face.  I’m gearing up for a night out with my husband, and it’s weird to get excited to go out on a date with a man I’ve been married to for over five years.  But I am excited.  And the butterflies…they’re back.

Much love,

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