It’s that time of year (at least in the Midwest) where all I want to do is sit on my couch with a steaming hot bowl of soup.  It’s warm, and filling, and makes your tummy happy on frigid cold days (hello Polar Vortex…I missed you).  I love soups…warm soups, hot soups, cold soups, dessert soups…you name it, I like it.  For me, soup is one of those year-round type of meals, where you can make it with just about anything and it’ll taste fabulous.

Last night, I got a massive craving for some hearty soup.  I wanted something with pasta in it, and mushrooms are one of my staple “go to” vegetables that can substitute meat, so I thought that would work well.  I came across an old favorite (from Skinnytaste) in my recipe book that I used to make when we lived in the NL.  Three Cheese Tortellini and Mushroom Soup.  Doesn’t it just sound amazing?

The best part about soups, normally, is that they require very little effort.  Chop up some stuff, sauté it in some butter, add more stuff, let simmer, eat.  Really simple, makes a ton, and usually very budget friendly (depending on the soup).  This recipe is no different.  Start with some butter in a big pot.  Melt that up, add some veg (onion, carrots and celery…the holy trinity of soups), and let that sauté for a while.  Then add your liquids.  Vegetable broth (or chicken stock if you’re not a veggie like me) and some water.  Add your mushrooms and seasonings and simmer that for a while to let the mushrooms cook.  Once the mushrooms are soft, add your pasta (I prefer cheesy tortellini), and cook that to the directions on the package.  I always use fresh pasta, mainly because I’m lazy and it cooks SO much faster than dried.  Plus, there are a lot of really good fresh pastas out there that aren’t super expensive.  If you want to be REALLY amazing, you can make your own fresh pasta.  Again, please see the fact that I am lazy, therefore I do not do this.

Once the pasta has cooked, your soup is ready to go!  Bowl it up and top it with some parmesan cheese if you want.  I never turn down cheese, so this step is of the utmost importance for me.  Last night, I was super lucky, because I still had a fair amount of my homemade wheat bread that I could pair with the soup for a really hearty meal!  (Because, really, carbs are amazing).

And with that, what post about food is completely without a photo!  Please excuse the poor quality, my iPhone was being temperamental last night.


Hope you enjoyed!

Much love,

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