After all the hustle and bustle around “The Great Basement Flood of 2014” I can finally say that the basement is at least clean!  Nine days of industrial sized dehumidifiers running has dried it out, and all that was left was for us to finish cleaning up the place (and obviously repair the damages…but one step at a time).  This past Sunday was declared “The Day of Clean,” so we rolled up our sleeves and tackled it.  It was rough, I won’t lie, but it felt good to be finished!

J had bought a Shark Sonic Duo mop for the house (we have wood floors upstairs and tile downstairs), which we thought would be a huge help. I’ll be honest…that thing is crap.  Save your money if you’re considering one.  And, obviously, this was a bigger job than we expected the Shark to handle, but we used it on our wood floors upstairs and some tile upstairs as well, and it just did an all around crappy job.  So…there’s my plug of a user review…don’t do it.

So, in lieu of the Shark being a POS, I went out and did what my mom would do.  I drove myself to Target, where I bought a mop and a bucket, and some cleaning solution.  Guess what…it works great!  Sure, it takes some more elbow grease and effort to get things clean, but at least it actually DOES get them clean!  I spent a few hours really mopping down the basement area, and was able to absolutely scrub clean the grout lines (which the Shark mop didn’t even touch), so now the basement is all nice and pretty again.  And by “nice and pretty” again, I mean that the rooms are clean enough to allow the cats back down there.  The repairs have yet to even begin, which is a whole other story in its entirety.

So…the basement is clean, the beast and mini-beasts have been unleashed, and hopefully we’ll be able to move on with the remodeling sometime soon.  I’m just glad it’s useable again…it was such a crap time keeping the whole downstairs closed off!  Meanwhile, here are some photos for your viewing enjoyment!





What do you think? Still needs some work, but we’re on our way!

Much love,

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