Update: Bathroom Remodel

The great bathroom remodel of 2013 is well underway, and nearly complete with regards to demolition!  All we need to do now is create a half wall in the shower (basically, cut the wall in half and call it a day), and then open up the doorway to our closet.  After that, we can start moving electric wires, water pipes and ductwork.   We started it over Thanksgiving, and have been slowly working on it since.  Christmas vacation allowed us to really put some time into it…but boy, it is slow going!

We have nearly all the supplies in our possession.  Our garage is full of tile and grout, thin set, leveling cement, shower pans, and under floor heating.  In addition, our new bathtub is located in our bedroom now, acting as a rather lovely laundry hamper for our dirty laundry.  We’ve had to move things around in the garage, because apparently we’ve been hit with an “Arctic Vortex” and J had to get his vehicle in the garage, or it probably would have never started again.  Apparently, -40 degrees F. is bad for batteries, who knew?

We’re still in need of a few things, of course.  The fixtures (toilet paper holder, towel holders, etc.) being one and then the big item left is the glass for the shower wall and door.  I’m sure that will be a financial hit, but will look amazing once it’s all finished.  I’m so excited to see the final product…it’ll be really interesting to watch it all come together.  We’re doing all the work ourselves so there is a real sense of ownership in the whole process!  We’re definitely keeping track of the progress by taking photos, and we’ve been posting a lot on FB, but I wanted to share them here with you all as well, since some of you probably aren’t friends with J.

Here’s what we’ve done so far.   We’re basically down to studs now…so it’s really an empty canvas!

First, is the view from in the  bathroom, looking into what was once our closet.  We’ll be opening up this doorway into the closet, and removing as much of the wall as possible.


After that is the view from the closet, into the bathroom.  At this point in time, we hadn’t removed the tub yet (it’s since been removed and donated to Habitat for Humanity).


This is where the “throne” of the house once resided.  Who needs a pipe cap when you can just stuff a plastic bag filled with a rag in the hole?


Finally, this is where our sink and vanity was located.  We’ll have to move the piping around a bit because we’re putting in two individual sinks instead of a double vanity.  Luckily, J. has been watching many a YouTube video, so this shouldn’t be a problem.


And that’s all the big things for now!  The room is pretty bare at this point, and I really can’t wait to actually get started on the “putting it back together” part.  I’ll be sure to update more when we do some more work on it…it’s been fun to chronicle the journey in photos!

Much love,

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