Eagerly Awaiting

2013 has been quite a whirlwind year for us. We started the year off in Europe, awaiting our move date to repatriate back to the US. We traveled to the US to find a house, then buy a house, and then go back to Europe to finish up our time there. At the end of March, we moved home after spending nearly 3.5 years living in Europe. It was an adjustment, one that I still struggle with from time to time.

Once moving home, J started a new job and I went through several interviews for positions. I started a new job in June, and thrust myself into the new job with a renewed enthusiasm and energy. It has been stressful at times, difficult at times, and 100% worth it. I have been so much more satisfied and fulfilled in my new job and it’s really helped me deal with the move back to the US.

So, for every good thing comes a deluge of crap. July came, and with it J’s birthday. During his birthday lunch, his father had a massive heart attack, and underwent emergency surgery to save his life. Not to mention, two weeks prior, he had been diagnosed with cancer, and a month prior to that he’d had his gallbladder removed. J’s dad was really in the wringer for quite some time, and is slowly recovering (even now) from the cancer removal surgery and the heart attack. We’re still waiting for the surgery to put in two more stents in his heart, which should happen in early 2014.

September arrived. I turned 31. We got two more cats. I continued to crochet blanketsĀ for friends’ children, and started painting. We slowly started making our house a true home, including a full gut of our master bathroom, which we’re remodeling ourselves. Thanksgiving and Christmas were the first with our families in over 4 years. We laughed, we struggled, we adapted. We started talking about expanding our family of two (plus three fur kids) to a family of three (plus three fur kids). We’ve learned patience, and humor in the face of difficulties. I’ve made the decision to convert to Catholicism, and have been a vegetarian for nearly a year now. I’ve lost 30 pounds, and plan to lose 15 more in 2014…and plan to keep it off (which is the most important).

And through it all, we’ve made plans. Plans for travel (Costa Rica, Seattle, a cruise, and Japan in 2014), plans for home remodel, plans for family, and plans for personal growth. 2013 was a good year…maybe it was filled with a lot of stressors, but we made it through and we’re stronger in our marriage and our family for it. 2014 has high hopes for an even better year…one where we can grow in our careers, in our family, and in our experiences!

Wishing you all the very best there is to offer in 2014!!

Much love,

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